Water & Sewer
Water & Sewer

Municipal Water and Sewer
The Osceola municipal water infrastructure ensures clean, safe water for approximately 1,100 users. The staff responsible for municipal water regularly attends training workshops and maintains annual certifications in order to continue providing customers with professional, responsive service and safe, quality drinking water at a reasonable price.

Water & Sewer Billings
Water and Sewer bills are sent out quarterly.  For service (moving into or out of a residence) or questions, please contact the Village offices at 294-3498.
Fee:  There is a $45.00 administration fee for new owners/renters for setting up a new account.  

Payment options
As part of our commitment to provide citizens with efficient, convenient service, the Village has partnered with Payment Service Network, Inc. to help you manage your water/sewer bill.  You can view your balance and set up payment at   https://www.PaymentServiceNetwork.com/login.asp?acc=RT23101

 Payment Services Network, the service provider, charges a convenience fee of 3 % (+ .50 if under $100.00) for payment processing.

Water Rates for primary meter: (per quarter) – (effective 4th Quarter 2019)
5/8 inch meter – $24.00
3/4 inch meter – $24.00
  1 inch meter – $60.00
1 1/4 inch meter – $78.00
1 1/2 inch meter – $99.00
   2 inch meter – $162.00
   3 inch meter – $273.00
   4 inch meter – $330.00
   6 inch meter – $411.00
   8 inch meter – $510.00
 10 inch meter – $699.00
 12 inch meter – $906.00

Residential Outdoor use Water Meter is $12.00 Per Quarter

Water Volume Charge(per quarter) – (effective 01/01/2018)
First   4,000 cubic feet used each quarter  $3.62 per 100 cf
Next  26,000 cubic feet used each quarter $2.72 per 100 cf
Over 30,000 cubic feet used each quarter  $ 1.64 per 100 cf
100 cubic feet =748 gallons

Sewer Rates for primary meter: (per quarter)  – (effective 4/1/2023)

5/8 inch meter – $40.00
3/4 inch meter – $40.00
  1 inch meter – $56.00
1 1/4 inch meter – $64.00
1 1/2 inch meter – $72.00
   2 inch meter – $116.00
   3 inch meter – $440.00
   4 inch meter – $560.00

Sewer Rates – All Users: (per quarter) – (effective 4/1/2023)
  Charge per 100 cubic feet  $10.75

Water System Maintenance
Water main flushing takes place two times each year, once in the spring, once in the fall.  Specific dates will be posted in the Osceola Sun and will be emailed to interested parties subscribing to the Keep Me Informed section on the home page of  this website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Osceola’s Water Supply
1. Where does Osceola’s water come from?
The source of Osceola’s drinking water is ground water. The Village has 2 wells that bring water up from over 400′ below the ground.  The Village has the capacity to pump close to 2,000 gallons per minute from the two wells combined.

2. How safe is Osceola’s drinking water?

The Village continually monitors the drinking water for the presence of contaminants and annually submits a report on the monitoring and results.  The Consumer Confidence Report for 2016 is available under Departments/Utilities/ Consumer Confidence Report in pdf format. Chlorine (which eliminates bacteria) is added to the water to ensure it is safe to drink. The levels of all other minerals in the water are below maximum EPA standards for safe drinking water.  

3. Why is the water sometimes “discolored” or “smelly”?
Most water quality complaints are related to the maintenance of hot water tanks. Hot water tanks contain an anode that is designed to corrode in order to prevent the inside of the tank from corroding. When the usage of hot water is low, the anodes will react with the water and leave deposits on the inside of the water tank. Manufacturers of hot water heaters recommend that tanks be drained periodically to minimize the accumulation of these deposits.

During construction projects or during the semiannual hydrant flushing program the cold water supply sometimes becomes discolored.  The best approach is to run the water for a period of time to get the flow to clear. This strategy is particularly appropriate if you have been away for home for any length of time.