Board Committees & Commissions
Board Committees & Commissions

Administration and Finance

Bruce Gilliland (Chair)
Van Burch
Brad Lutz

Public Works

Bradley Lutz
Marsha Hovey
Neil Kline

Water and Sewer

Bruce Gilliland (Chair)
Arvid Maki
Marsha Hovey

Court Commission

Bruce Gilliland(Chair)
Arvid Maki
Marsha Hovey

Police & Fire

Van Burch(Chair)
Bill Chantelois IV
Marsha Hovey


Other Appointments:

Airport CommissionDick Johnson, Joe Greene (Chair), Patrick Lee, Max Waddell and Ben Merlin

Ambulance Board: Van Burch (Board Representative) and Margaret Bader

Board of Appeals: Bradley Lutz (Board Representative), Brooke Kulzer, Kristopher Krentz, and Wayne Tomforhde (Alternate) (2 spots open)

Board of Review:  Bradley Lutz, Marsha Hovey, Arvid Maki, Carie Krentz, Devin Swanberg

Chamber of Commerce/Main Street: Devin Swanberg (Village Representative)

Downtown Façade Loan Committee: Bruce Gilliland, Bill Chantelois IV and Neil Kline

Ethics Board: Van A. Burch (Board Representative), Wayne Tomfohrde, Kyle Weaver and Jennifer Lutz

Health Officer: Devin Swanberg

Historic Preservation: Van A. Burch, Gerald Viebrock, Perry Rice, Dan Lorenz, Angela Helgson-McCarty, and Allana Clymer (1 spot open – Architect)

Industrial Development Corp*: Neil Kline, Devin Swanberg, Mark Erickson, John Gauper, Ed Vader, Tim Pauley, and Vonda Canada

Library Board: Michelle Merritt (President), Betsy Kremser (Vice President/Treasurer), Arvid Maki (Board Representative), Taylor Baert (School Representative), Ron Johnson, Gale Hanson and Maureen Rogers

Micro Loan Fund Committee: Bruce Gilliland, Bill Chantelois IV, Neil Kline, and Mark Erickson (1 spot open)

Osceola Housing Authority: Scott Henningsguard, Dennis Tomfohrde, Carl Rossi, Peggy Johnson, Mike Miller

Planning Commission: Brad Lutz (Village President), Bruce Gilliland (Board Representative, Chair), Robert Bullard, Dennis Tomfohrde, Kim O’Connell, Bill Chantelois V, and Mike Sine

Recognition: Bill Chantelois IV, Arvid Maki and Neil Kline

Redevelopment Authority: Arvid Maki (Board Representative), Bill Chantelois IV (Board Representative), Dan Lorenz, Ted Bents and Quinn Alt (2 spots open)

Room Tax/Tourism CommissionAndrew Carlson, Roxy Patterson, Mike Malik, Jessica Robinson, and Josiah Williams (Chair)