Election Information

The results of today’s election in the Village of Osceola are as follows:
There were 666 Voters, of which 131 were absentee ballots. There were zero provisional ballots issued.

Democratic Party Primary – President of the United States

  • Joe Biden – 252
  • Dean Phillips – 12
  • Uninstructed Delegation – 11

Republican Party Primary – President of the United States

  • Chris Christie – 7
  • Vivek Ramaswamy – 6
  • Ron DeSantis – 11
  • Nikki Haley – 33
  • Donald Trump – 298
  • Uninstructed Delegation – 8

 County Supervisor – District 9

  • Kim O’Connell – 526

Municipal Judge for Village of Osceola and Village of Dresser

  • Kristopher Krentz – 515

Village Trustee

  • Neil Kline – 383
  • Ron Pedrys – 406
  • Michael Sine – 359

School District of Osceola Board Member

  • Brooke Kulzer – 434
  • Brooke Oye – 387

State of WI Use of Private funds in election administration – Question 1

  • Yes – 361
  • No – 274

State of WI Election officials – Question 2

  • Yes – 424
  • No – 212

School District of Osceola – GO Bond Issuance Referendum

  • Yes – 326
  • No – 331


Spring Primary Election: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 – not needed in the Village of Osceola
Spring Election & Presidential Preference Election: Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Partisan Primary: Tuesday, August 13, 2024
General (& Presidential) Election: Tuesday, November 5, 2024


If you are not already registered to vote in the Village of Osceola, you will need to register before an Absentee Ballot can be mailed to you. All requests for an Absentee Ballot must be made in writing by the elector. A photo ID is required with the application.

Request a ballot online at myvote.com.

You can request an application for an Absentee Ballot in person at the clerk’s office. This can be done beginning the third Monday before the election and ends at 5:00 pm the Friday before the election.

To request by mail, complete the Application for Absentee Ballot and mail it to the Village Clerk, PO Box 217, Osceola, WI 54020. The Application must be received by the Clerk no later than 5:00 pm on the Thursday before the election for an Absentee Ballot to be mailed to you.

Deadline for returning Absentee Ballot: Your completed absentee ballot must be returned before the 8:00 pm closing of the polls on Election Day. If you are returning your ballot in person, it should be handed in at the front counter in Village Hall, 310 Chieftain Street. The U.S. Postal Service recommends absentee ballots be mailed at least one week before Election Day to arrive in time to beat the submission deadline.

Voter Registration Information

If you have moved or changed your name since the last time you voted or haven’t voted in a few years, you will have to re-register to vote. You can register at the polls on Election Day, at the My Vote Wisconsin link My Vote Wisconsin, in person at City Hall, or by downloading and mailing an application.  This is a link to the voter registration form: Voter Registration Form.  You will need to provide proof of residency with one of the following items a Wisconsin unexpired drivers license or State issued ID showing your current address, a utility bill, bank statement, pay stub, or other state or federal document with your current address on it.