Quality of Life
Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Osceola was settled over 160 years ago when explorers traversing the St. Croix River discovered Cascade Falls.  That water – and energy – source fueled some of Osceola’s first industry:  sawmills, grist mills and breweries.  While those industries are long gone, the community draws much of its identity from the Falls and River.

The downtown business district is home to buildings dating to the 1880’s.  Retail, food and service businesses thrive in downtown Osceola.  The Village prides itself on being able to provide life’s daily necessities within walking distance for many of its residents.

Osceola boasts a low cost of living.  Affordable housing is readily available, whether you are buying or renting.  The median price of a home in Polk County is approximately $100,000 which makes home ownership easily attainable.

Wisconsin public schools are repeatedly acclaimed as some of the best in the nation.  The School District of Osceola has a population of 1800 students.  The district’s mission statement “World Class Education With a Small Town Feel” is threaded through all aspects of education from the quality instructional staff through the up-to-date facilities supporting an outstanding technology infrastructure.

The District is committed to providing each student with accelerated skills for the 21st century and beyond.

Recreational Activities
Located in the scenic St. Croix River Valley, Osceola is rich in natural resources.  Avid outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy biking, camping, hunting, and cross country skiing.  Proximity to the St. Croix River and numerous fresh water lakes provides residents with opportunities to enjoy canoeing, swimming, fishing and boating.  Nearby recreation areas offer alpine skiing and snowboarding, snow tubing, water slides, and go-karts.

Passive recreational opportunities abound in Osceola including hiking, picnicking, birding, photography and enjoying the numerous community parks.

Osceola is the proud home of the Osceola and St. Croix Scenic Railway.  Enjoy a trip back in time as the antique train transports you though the scenic St. Croix River Valley.

Arts and Entertainment
The St. Croix River Valley is home to many artists who’ve chosen the beauty and serenity of the area as a backdrop to their work.  Art shows and studio tours are regular activities in the valley.  The St Croix ArtBarn, located in Osceola, features live theater, concerts, gallery shows and workshops – all in a renovated 100-year old barn.